Private Vehicle Charter

At Cobb & Coach, we provide a comprehensive range of transport solutions for your every need. From tour groups,
school excursions, corporate events and even single-trip rides, our vehicle charter service is the premier choice for many
companies and assure safety and reliability.

Vehicles For Every Group Size

We have a range of vehicles that can accommodate groups of all sizes.

Cobb & Coach
Cobb & Coach

Go Beyond The Causeway

Leveraging our interconnected transportation network in West Malaysia, you will be able to travel seamlessly between borders to your destination.


Event Transport Management

No group size is too large for our fleet. Cobb & Coach provides event transport and coordination for our clients. Moving
large groups around has never been more organized, consistent, and convenient.

One-Stop Solution

From scheduling to mobilisation to transportation, Cobb & Coach handles all your transportation needs. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Cobb & Coach
Cobb & Coach

Organized And Reliable Team

Every aspect of your event transport and coordination is handled internally by Cobb & Coach, eliminating miscommunication, and ensuring reliability.